~ No Pier Pressure ~

~ dusk @ ventura pier, calif — bjf © ~

~ Old Bronwyn ~ You can find her at her favorite spot sitting on the seawall, next to the pier at Pelican Point. She loves to feel the silver spray against her bare skin during a big tidal surge. She keeps her long fog-colored hair open, parted down the middle 60’s style with Flying Nun bangs. She always wears spaghetti strap tie-dye sundresses in those pretty colors of fantastic fuchsia, lemon yellow, lime green & matador red. She says everything hurts in her old body, except for her heart, which is filled with joy. There is no doubt about it, the aging process sucks, but the alternative is worse. She reminds me that children have died and that life is not a curse. She never says anything bad about anyone and that she can’t judge. The teenagers love her and call her the nice old hippie lady, who makes them smile when she flashes them the peace sign. Old Bronwyn, was once a surfer girl & used to ride the big waves, on Oahu’s North Shore, back in the day, now in California watches the young kids shoot-the-pier. Who can not love old Bronwyn. ~ bjf © ~fiction

Pier 39
I Reminisce of Otis
who left Georgia
far behind
bjf ©

surge slaps
pier, cha cha
cha in choppy
swells dances sea’s
waves, on an overcast
day, where sun appeared as
a dot. Gavotte, gavotte, gavotte
dances sea’s waves
as they change 
into a wet
bjf ©

sundown at ocean beach, san diego, calif — bjf ©