Noon, (post time on the beach), Seafoam, & Thoughts May 2014 by Soulez

I spent the noon, post time for time on the beach, watching sea foam and cloud scapes. The clouds had brought in winds, from the east…. though blowing westward….. (that has always confused me — are they westerly winds from the east?)

The winds in turn brought with them no-ending thundering waves, the kind to which I can count myself to peace. The waves reaching shore then retreating, left behind their frothing foam. And as I sat with toes in sand and book in hand, I watched.

The foam collected and formed a single line stretching along the beach. Then bits and pieces gradually broke free with each gust of wind. Scurrying across the sand until it was no more.

Reminded me of the song verse, “Freedom’s just another word for nothin’ else to lose.” My final thought was: to be free is to have nothing left to be.

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