Nowhere else to go & I will give you Hope

shack ~ bjf ©

~ Beyond the buildings of brick and the rail yards there were roadhouses, where a blue-collar man could tumble in and get a drink, before he stumbled home to a wife, who long ago stopped touching him and he the same. They married only for sex and never had become friends, still neither one left, they had nowhere else to go bjf ©

~ I will give you some Hope ~

Eerie quiet on a street deserted, yes, as if in the state of a bad dream. Breathless jaunt ‘round corners of alleyways, a sad and lonely early morning scene. A few beggars huddle by a smashed wooden door & tall windows with broken glass, on a sidewalk free road where hardly any people pass. Garbage odor hangs thick in the air, so strong, yes, too much to bear, but next to stucco on wrought iron rail, a pink ivy geranium trails, as well as, two feeders for hummingbirds, but you hear not a sound, no human words. Still someone tries to bring life some cheer, not so easy in a world full of fear. In a realm where it is difficult to cope, one says to all “I will give you some hope” ~ bjf © ~