Kristin J. Leonard
The Story Hall
Published in
May 1, 2022


Ode to Crocus

photo by Aaron Burden

She arrived one Tuesday in February
pushing through a fresh layer
of newly fallen snow

a single fleck of purple
caressed by the warm-fingered rays of sunlight
stretching across the early morning sky.

She stood alone: one small flower
challenging her snow-globe world
as the wind continued swirling,

I found it impossible
to not take notice
of the brave little blossom
waving hello to the snowflakes shimming past

I thought of stopping; I swear I did
but I was running late that day

my fingers clasped tight to car keys and shovel
So, with sinking boots, I trudged on
leaving her to die

Yes, I must confess my crime
- but what more can be said of the tiny purple crocus?

The world was not ready
for her message of spring.

pub. 4/9/22 on New Hampshire Public Radio