Oh Oh — the internet is being attacked worldwide…

And hospitals are affected!!

by SGHolland ©2017 May 12 2017

This just in: “ Doctors were using pen and paper as the National Health Service struggled to get computers back online. Routine appointments were being canceled.”

Well here we have at least an inkling of how dependent we are on the internet. Some malware has been invented that closes down Microsoft software and then demands money to “put it back up again”. There is no evidence that the files that are deleted can be recovered. (Got your files backed up to date?)

This affects especially Windows XL which is no longer supported by Microsoft (new products have to be sold and so…) and many health care systems are still running XL.

So we read: Signs hung on the door at the emergency ward at the Royal London Hospital Friday afternoon read: “The emergency department has no IT facilities”

People have to cancel appointments, surgeries, and emergencies!

Microsoft issued an emergency notice some hours ago, but not everyone saw it, and some who heard about it said, “oh well”, and skipped it.

We are so much at the beck and call of our so-called tech “Information Age”that we are a sitting duck.

Just saying…

Susan G Holland May 12 2017