On the 2nd of July

Jeff Bailey © 2017

We celebrated the 4th of July on the 2nd this year. The celebration centers around our annual fireworks display. This year Rhad, my brother-in-law reviewed fireworks videos, and I reviewed them as well, but Rhad went one step further he carefully studied them not only for the timing sequence but how the effects looked one leading into the other. Our focus was the entire range from ten feet to 300 feet above the ground.

We fused three central stations plus two sides and a grand finale 12 tube display. We started to set up around 12:30 and worked until 6p. The biggest problem is timing the ignition between queues and cakes. With 50 cakes, the firing times start to finish went from 20 seconds to 45 seconds. Ignition times and fuse speed complicate the equation.

We appreciate unknowns like having no idea as to the length of fuse inside the cake or if continuity will remain (communication from the remote to the ignitor) as we wait for the horizon to darken after sunset and of course, the weather.

This year was exceptional, and the unknowns created comic relief. One station of three cakes failed to fire and the firing time of another took much longer than anticipated. The crowd loved it.

Rhad and I reflected on the display later that evening. We determined that most of the display was a finale. We got carried away with a desire to ooh-awe the 50 spectators who showed up for the show.

Rhad’s dad, my father-in-law, has hosted the event for ten years. He picks up food from his favorite deli and provides a meal before the show.

Here is a video of our prep and display: https://youtu.be/wQBGo6e3wTw