Pack Each Day, or Empty it?

Susan G Holland
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2 min readApr 19, 2023


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It’s only April. The exhaustive description of my year 2023, so far,
would take a whole year to write!

My life-long mentors remind me to “Seize the day!” They always do that, even when you are old and feeble! Chores! Responsibilities! Rules!

After 86 years of active seizing I am relearning how to do it!

I am purposefully grabbing back chunks of each day and “unsubscribing” to a lot of apparent vitally important things. I am seizing back my minutes and hours by leaving my calendar increasingly empty. I am taking my time back by seizing it. It’s my time and it’s limited.

How many more full moons will I witness? Will I even be looking, or
will I think something is more important, like watching the news?

That is the question.

Can the world get along without me churning it for a few years?

Can I receive value from worrying, or scheduling, or sorting things?

Can I receive value from listening, watching, feeling, interacting with my particular day; the minutes of taking in what IS? What do I hear when I go outside? What do I see when I look under a leaf? Why do I feel surprised, or shocked, or moved by some momentary Truth happening before my eyes?

And is that of value? What does the underside of a leaf have to teach a curious person like me?

It takes some minutes, at least, and often some hours to really take in the surprises that pop up in a day of quiet. There are miracles that happen all the time that we miss in our regular schedule of “have to’s.” We are not machines!

It takes our whole person to really take in a phenomenon and be taught.

The way the wind sounds.

The shadow under the parked car if you sit long enough and watch from nearby. A world of events happen under a parked car!

Why does it matter?


Here’s the gift of unplanned time:

I move on with real-time miracle making me start in surprise, suddenly realize something, or smile inside, or feel a surge of pity, if it is even just a cockroach or a rabbit. Or a sudden solution of yesterday’s conundrum.



Susan G Holland
The Story Hall

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