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The Sketchbook Project — The Muse Made me Do This

Back to the wild forest where adventures await
Rules and Regs for the Sketchbook Project

The Brooklyn Museum of Art is sponsoring a crowd-funded project and my adventurous muse and I have entered in to the excitement.

My entry fee cost $24 to get my sketchbook, which arrived yesterday. I am already enjoying the challenge of making my book conform to the specs and still go “out of the lines”.

Above see my first drips onto the cover of my buff little book. It is little — 5"x7"- and has durable pages — 30 possible surfaces not counting front and back cover.

I have decided that my most central focus in the arts is Mark Making. And so this little book will be called Marks

I am not to use crumbly media. And not acrylics because the pages tend to get sticky in damp weather. This book collection will travel all over the place — different states and different continents. And it will be picked up and looked at by who knows how many people. They will turn the pages and hold the book in their hands. So I am shellacking the covers, and probably some of the pages. Textures will have to be implied, although I will be allowed to cut the pages, for instance, and also create fold-out art if I want.

It’s like a puzzle. A party! And I am invited!

You’ll hear about my sketchbook, if you read my Story Hall Posts. It’s Play Time!

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