Playground VIII— -Who IS that? with updates

Attempts at a selfie

By SGHolland ©2017

Yesterday it occurred to me that maybe a good thing to go into my sketchbook would be an actual sketch. I took my pen to paper (not in the book) and made a crude self portrait while lying in bed looking into my small mirror from the make-up kit.

Surely not that!

(If you want to see your own unflattering selfie, try this on your cell phone while lying in bed. Mostly it’s about nostrils!!)

So I decided to try something else. My camera, pointed at me while sitting up.

Oh dear. I will not post those photos.

But I did find a section of one of the photos that I thought would be a good study. I made a cursory beginning with loose watercolor and a teeny brush, and then moved in with pastel to try to get some form. Here’s where I am at present — evening on September 14 2017

The truthful version

Here is the “young” version before wrinkles were added. (yesterday! Time flies)
The Young Version First strokes of self from photo for sketchbook page 25

Mind you, the business of telling truth about one’s own face at nearly eight decades of age is a very disquieting business. The young person you see depicted above has got to do some serious aging before the truth is really told.

I think I’ll work more on the form first, and save the wrinkles for last.

Eyeballs don’t sag, anyway. Maybe I’ll work on eyeballs today.

Updated post now, Susan G Holland

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