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Letter sent on Apr 5

Quick Note

A way which can be used to bring people in the TSH: when you read a story/poem on Medium that you appreciate very much, go under the story/poem and click on the … (3 periods), on the right hand side, next to the Social Media icons, find the option REQUEST STORY FOR YOUR PUBLICATION. Click on it, choose The Story Hall, then SUBMIT. Writers who already belong to other PUBLICATIONS are, most of the time, NOT allowed to publish anywhere else on Medium.

If you are not yet aware of the new tabs --found under the Header/Photo — look at the generic CATEGORIES we have added. The categories correspond to TAGS that can be added to your stories. If you have suggestions for more tabs/categories let us know. The tab that was previously called LETTERS has been replaced by NOTICES where you will find this communication.

PS: Just noticed that The Story Hall has now 232 followers. Congratulations. We hope the Followers of TSH will come back often to enjoy the creations of our lively group. Thank you for your continuing support. MUCH appreciated.

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