SAPLING #74 — Where there’s smoke

Kirstin Vanlierde
Jan 13 · 2 min read

Vermin has to be smoked out, with harsh means if necessary.

You smile at the raven’s rashness, its cool calculation to spread its wings above the fumes of furnaces, the smouldering stumps of cigarettes. A smoky ally comes in handy, you tell me, to free yourself of wriggling pests between your feathers, venomous visitors that bite and sting, parasites that take up way more room than they should. Ravens are clever. They use the resources available to them. And we have provided them with plenty.

Is there something watching from afar, smiling at that elegant blue orb in the vastness of the heavens? Is there something that can appreciate the planet’s cool calculation as she spreads her wings above smouldering soil, hot winds, parched earth? One spark is all that’s needed.
Surely, a smoky ally comes in handy to free herself of wriggling pests crawling on her skin, venomous visitors that hack and dig, parasites that destroy way more than they should.
The planet is clever. She uses the resources available. And we have provided her with plenty.

Vermin has to be smoked out, with harsh means if necessary.

© Jurgen Walschot

The SAPLING series is a joint project with artist and illustrator Jurgen Walschot.
Saplings are creative sprouts. I will write to the images, he will draw to the words.

Kirstin Vanlierde

Written by

A songbird aiming to add its song to the endless music playing throughout the universe.

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