Shades of Love

You are so full of love

Your each and every curve

Your sharp angularity

Your deep sincerity

Whenever you look

And it’s not just your physicality

It’s the grace in your voice

I get pulled like the tides

That slow gaze which follows me

Around life’s maze

Catches me when I am about to fall

When I think I am all alone

That is when you come along

Like a beautiful thought

Answer to a prayer of sorts.

Love like you don’t need validation

For love is it’s own celebration

Love like joy springing forth

Dancing kindred spirit and mirth

Love in the deep shadows

Of invisibility

Where hearts align in a rich


Without words, in the everyday silence

Of knowing.

To a Rose, love is sacrifice, to the sun it is all burning light, to the moon it’s sometimes full but waxes and wanes. To the poet it’s got many names! For this Love rejoice.