Shaking hands with trees • (I should have written branches instead, but that would have only brought on confusion. We already live in times that are fraught with confusion, I did not want to add to it.)

[photo by jean-claude]

I talk to anything that is ALIVE. From fleas to trees. I tend NOT to say the same things to fleas that I whisper to trees. I am NOT a tree whisperer. I do NOT have to tame them, they tame me. And they talk to me all of the time. That’s why I NO longer take a walk in the forest when I am in need of solitude. They grab my arm for a chat. And when trees are telling you about their childhood, they can go on for hours. When I was born three hundred years ago…You better like History because they know a lot MORE than any distinguished professor at Harvard’s. Four small fir trees once dragged me in their center and warned me against cutting any of them down for Christmas!

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