Shape Shifter

An old landmark tree used by the First People’s, and then by the Settlers marks a pass through the Rocky Mountains. Now it is wired in place, a dead sentinel, a monument to human journeys. A beautiful sculpture marking the centuries.

When you see it and commune with it, you are a member of a tribe moving on foot to the rivers of running salmon. You then imagine traveling by covered wagon to an unknown world.

You imagine the silence and your thoughts as you forge ahead. You are fierce. You are resourceful. You are physically strong.

When you see this tree, you no longer doubt your way. You are elated and in awe of the mountains that surround you and seem impenetrable. You have found the opening, cracked the code.

You bed down that night and look up at the stars in the sky. They are so bright, you can almost touch them. They are so bright that you fall into them because at that moment, The Great Spirit is with you and in you. In that moment, you see the heavens and you are awed.

Now all you see is this statue of divine nature as you pass by in your prison of steel. You are removed and unmoved, untouched and untouchable. Your body sits inert and unused. You look at your watch and calculate how much longer. Your mind tick tocks and you think about your work day tomorrow. You don’t believe in anything because you are an automaton.

Are we lost ? You ask and consult the GPS

  • ( photo taken by hannah miller )

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