Sootheby’s Auction Hut

I haunt the thrift stores and flea markets regularly, searching for just the right ghosts to save and maybe make an extra buck or two in a quick turn-a-round. It also soothes a wound somewhere in my heart and I don’t need a PhD in Jack-Shit to know that.

I have no particular genre, rhyme or reason concerning what items to purchase or scavenge…they just have to speak to me.

I do go through trends, though. For a while, it might be old dolls that cry out to me…then interesting roosters might crow to my attention. It’s never a name brand in particular. In fact, I prefer hand-made and my absolute favorite, utilitarian. No…utilitarian…I don’t think that’s the right word. I mean…something that you can utilize. What is that?…utilizarian?

Anyway…one of the themes that comes and goes but always returns is pottery failures. Ya know…mis-shaped clunky things with thumbprints or jagged and rocky edges baked right in…on purpose. My favorite pen-keep on my desk is a very lop-sided bud-vase that never made it to the head of the class. I think it is museum worthy.

I don’t bring home all of them, though…the piece has to speak to me. It has to tell me something about the artist. Or maybe it’s just the color or the clay…I don’t know. Like I said…no rhyme or reason.

Sometimes I think it might just have something to do with how the thrift store worker placed the item…or the fact that they even bothered to put it on the shelf. Yes. Sometimes I think it’s that, exactly. The fact that someone else out there in the world sees the failure not as an unwanted, tossed away object, but as a best attempt that deserves not just another chance but maybe even a place of honor.

  • This particular piece…is priceless.