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Talking to Myself — Medium or Large?

Image: Royce Bair

Young Hawk (Age 20, mid-Navy career, 1975): “Yo, dude! It’s you again! What are you doing in my dream again — you haven’t popped in in a couple of years — that I can remember? I was beginning to think you were just a figment of my imagination. So, what’s the story?”

Current Hawk: “This is the story, my young friend. This is the last story I’m posting on that storytelling site I told you about last time — Cowbird.”

YH: “Oh, yeah, I remember something about that. What a weird name. Do you know about cowbirds? They’re kind of a nasty bird, you know. But, I remember you saying it’s part of some kind of a network that links you with all these other storytellers from all over the world, where you just send it out, like you’re mailing a letter, only they get it instantaneously, and write back within minutes, even seconds? Some crazy shit like that — real futuristic-like.”

CH: “Yeah, that’s the one — and yeah, it is from the future, as I am — your future, of course. Over here in the next millenium, we’re all connected through the internet — instantaneous communication, all over, every day. It’s just a part of life, now.”

YH: “Man, we could’ve used that when Nixon went down with all that Watergate business.”

CH: “No, man. I don’t think it would’ve helped. You should see what the current president does, and gets away with. It’s all over the internet, every day, but he and his cronies just blow it all off as ‘fake news’. Things have kind of gotten out of control with this instantaneous news stuff. I kind of yearn for the days when it all happened at a much more sane pace.”

Image: Royce Bair

YH: “I guess so. So, why is this your last story on Cowbird?”

CH: “They’re shutting it down.”

YH: “What happened, did they run out of money?”

CH: “No, it was never about the money. These guys who created this site were real idealists and dreamers who had a vision of the perfect storytelling platform. As best I can figure, and it’s strictly speculation and me trying to understand it, this thing went way beyond their vision for a while, but then it kind of came back down to earth, and became something they were no longer interested in being a part of. They were visionaries, and they were ready to go onto new and more interesting visions. This became yesterday’s vision for them.”

YH: Interesting! Couldn’t someone else take it over who was interested in keeping it going the way it was, or maybe improve it, some?”

CH: “Yeah, that was tried, but they really felt like its time had come and gone, and they just wanted to end it and move on. They felt a responsibility for their creation, and didn’t trust it in just anybody’s hands. The good news is, they’re going to keep all the stories on the site, and people can still read them, they just can’t add any more.”

YH: “That sounds pretty reasonable.”

CH: “Yeah, after sorting through it all, and getting past my own sense of abandonment, and realizing we could do what we did here on other sites, I was able to come to terms with the whole thing, and am actually kind of okay with it all. I’ve already begun writing and posting stories at a new site, where a bunch of my fellow storytellers have migrated to.

YH: “Well, that sounds awesome, man. What’s the new place called — Chickenfish?”

CH: “Haha — no, it’s called Medium.”

YH: “Medium? So, what happens when you get, like, hundreds of thousands of stories on there — will it become Large, or Extra Large?”

CH: “Very funny, young Hawk. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know, if you ever find yourself wandering through the ‘Cloud’ in your dreams, and try looking up your future self, you’ll now find me at Medium. But, all the old stories will still be here on Cowbird.”

YH: “What’s this ‘Cloud’ business?”

CH: “Oh, never mind — that would be too hard to explain. So, how are you doing in the Navy, young fella?”

YH: “Not bad, when these *%$$&#*#*!! Captains aren’t messing with me. Man, I hate those S.O.B.’s!”

CH: “Well, young Hawk, you’re never going to believe what I’m about to tell you. Are you sitting down?”

YH: “I am now. What is it? What’s the big news from the future?”

CH: “Well, it’s now 2017 up here, I’m still with the USDA, only now, I’m in an executive position, running an entire program, and here’s the good part — ready for this? I just hired a retiring Navy Captain to come work for me, to be my Deputy. Can you believe that?”

YH: “Get the F*** outta here, man. Now, I know I’m just dreaming. For a minute there, I really thought you’d come back here from the future and were legit. That’s just too hard to believe — a captain, working for me (you). What is wrong with the world in the future?”

CH: “Well, it isn’t a dream, it is true, and there is plenty wrong with the world in the future. But then again, there was plenty wrong with it back then, too. I still remember the whole Watergate deal, and Nixon, impeachment, all of it. Events of late have kind of brought it all back, in living color.”

YH: “That bad, huh? So, how do you deal with it?”

CH: “I write, man. Stories. I read stories. I communicate with writers all over the world, and together, we try to get the story right.”

YH: “Sounds righteous, dude! Well, it’s good to know I’m into some really interesting stuff in the future, and connected with smart people all over the world. I’m still having a little trouble with that Navy Captain working for me bit, but the rest sounds pretty cool.”

CH: “Even that is pretty cool, young Hawk. You take care, and maybe I’ll visit you sometime from Medium.”

YH: “Make mine Large — no, make that Extra Large.”

CH: “You already used that line, dude.”

YH: “Just seeing if you were paying attention, old man. Later, dude!”

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