The Best Day

A Debordieu Beach Shot — I can never get enough of these!

The pace of life is quickening. Each week, I seem to be going somewhere new. Last week, Minneapolis. This week, Dallas. Lots of things are happening. My big boss of the last ten years is suddenly retiring at the end of the month. I’ll be in Dallas when they do his retirement gig. I’ll only see him one last time before he goes. Just like that!

My singing gig is coming up. I sing on the 30th. I had rehearsal last night. One more to go, next Monday, then it’s time to sing, for real. This time, it seems I have a lot of friends coming. I hope we don’t get rained out. The first time I had friends come to hear me sing, a couple came all the way from Arkansas — and the game got rained out. We had to sing a month later, at the make-up game.

Despite the pace, I seem to be in good health, and able to keep up with the pace of life. What a blessing! I take the time each morning for quiet time, reading and reflecting and tuning in to my spirit. The world may be going by in a blur — I’m taking my time, and trying to be in it as it rushes by. What’s the hurry? All I have is this day. Let me enjoy it, as best I can.

I think I will! Today. It’s the only one I have. Let it be the best today it can possibly be. Let me see the opportunities that present themselves to me — opportunities to give, opportunities to grow…opportunities to just breathe.

That’ll be the day — today — that I most enjoy. Why not? It’s all I have.