I’m going to be late for work if I keep looking for a picture of a pastry, so here is a shot i took of some cute kids looking at one of my favorite pieces at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. I don’t know them, but they added to the beauty of the day.

The guys and gals were readying to close up the café a few doors from my shop. I go almost every day for my afternoon pick-me-up, around the same time. I try to read the mood of the room before I start kibitzing. I’ve been in the service industry in one form or other my whole life, so I am sensitive to the kind of exhaustion I very well know it can bring.

The room was tired.

When I asked about the new carbohydrate arrival under the glass dome, Keri gave me the monotone drone description, trying her best to add a little enthusiasm just for me, at the end.

There was only one left and it sounded good.

Everything Knot

Twisted and flaked pastry,

Swirled with “everything” blend of spices

With a creamed cheese filling

“Yes, please.”

The droning of the hive buzzed on as I fixed the coffee to my liking and Keri bagged the knot.

Transaction complete, I received my treat and yelped,

“Oh, goody! Something new for my mouth!”

Every little tired hipster froze in mid-sweep

and the room filled with buoyant laughter.

The twenty-something boys blushed and giggled.

The ladies rolled their eyes, filled with light.



I twirled my fifty-year-old, broad-ass out the door with a flip and a turn

and I thanked God for his Gift.