The Painting Children of Cambodia

The tall foreign man walked by a kiosk on his way to the beach

He stopped to look at the paintings hung on the sidewalk stand

The orphaned street children paused to check him out

Their eyes hopeful and movements tentative

“You want buy my painting, Mistah?”

One boy approached and held his work of art out for the man to see

“ Four dollah” the boy said wondering

“ Let me see” ,said the man

The boy gave him his painting

The man looked and smiled

And handed the boy four American dollars

Soon, he was surrounded with child artists eager to sell their work

The man called to his wife to come and see

They stayed all day to admire the children’s work

And marvel at their stories and smiles

When the day was over, every single painting was sold

  • These pictures were taken at “ The Cambodian Children’s Painting Project”

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