The Real

“With You in Mind”

When the sun comes up

I reach for You.

When the coffee brews

I wait with You.

When I check the garden,

smell the roses,

pull the weeds…

You are there,

Here, by my side.

When I stand naked

before the mirror

I see through Your eyes.

I am beautiful.

When my breath gets short

And my back arches,

my whole body a tremble…

I lean into You.

You. You. You.

When I curl,

I curl into You.

When I dress,

I dress for You.

When I walk,

I walk with You.

When I dance

I dance for You,

with You.

I feel You,

know You see Me…

Love me,

The Real.

When the sun goes down

I reach out my fingertips

And You are there,

Here, by my side.

All the ways…

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