There’s always an opportunity to make Friends ~

bjf © friends

She was adamant to hold her neighbor in disdain though it was ludicrous, for the woman was a very kind lady and worthy to get to know. She loathed her religion, which she labelled as wrong, simply because it was not the same as hers. So she wallowed in ignorance and forgot that her God said “Love one another”, he did not say “to only love those who love him” Her neighbor was loving and was loved by others, but she failed to reach out and was alone.

One day the mailman delivered erroneously to her mailbox a piece of the neighbor’s mail. Since it’s a federal offense to throw out mail, she decided to give it to her. It was a condo and she had no access to her box. She wasn’t sure why she didn’t just prop it up outside her door, but it looked very important (official), not a greeting card or some such, and so

she rang the bell…………

bjf ©

p.s. I get the feeling she made a friend that day, well that’s how I would end the story, but I am leaving the ending up to you and your imagination.

this is a fiction piece, but I am sure it has happened somewhere at sometime