This city

Apoorva Mishra Lochan
Oct 3 · 2 min read

On #nationalpoetryday in the UK, decided to write about the nation’s capital:

This city
Under constant
And deconstruction
It’s skyline at once
New and old.
Which doomsday
Hollywood movies
Love to flatten
And Bollywood movies
Love to Dance in.
Where culture,
Art and music
Busks among the
Constant crowds,
And iconic bands
Were born
To rock you.
This city
For the eyes
Of the tourists
And the shuffling
Of those born
And bred.
This city
Where lives are
Made and unmade,
This city
Of hustlers
And bankers
And Russian
Of Chinese new wealth
And Arabian prince’s
Of jostling amongst
The worker brigade.
Of mass protest,
And mass surveillance.
And those that only
Come out at night
For champagne cocktails
In high ceiling places
Or in glass cocoons
Among the clouds.
Where happiness for me is
A walk in a ‘royal’ park,
Amongst the Linden and
This city with a thought of
The day on your travels,
If only you would notice
In the rush hour.
This city from which crowned
The English language
King in other places
And on its streets
A tapestry of
Different tongues.
This city
Where thoughts
Of Empire were born
But also those
Who sought freedom
From it.
Of coups
And empires
Planned and
In far flung places
Of arms deals
And peace deals
Of cutting up the
Planet bit by bit.
This city, it’s connection
To difficult histories
Denied and debated,
A relationship
That it’s got
And sometimes
proud of too
But somehow wants
To give up,
This city of
Perpetual renters
And pervasive
Dukes and Sheikhs
The real land owners.
This city that will
Never own you
But so many
Claim to belong
London city
Where the dirt
Throughout its histories
Within time and through
the Thames flow.
Constantly recycled.
And like a nebula
From fading stars
Gets reborn.

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