Unbearable cross to bear

[photo by jean-claude who went on a treasure hunt]

Bianca’s hands and her head were constantly moving under the dictates of a tremor. She was not suffering from Parkinson disease as her acquaintances wrongly believed. But her anxiety levels were maximal. She was perpetually waiting for the dreaded thing to happen. It never did. So one day she decided to go and meet the disaster she had so long anticipated head on. Strong storms were forecasted on the northern coast of Oregon. People were told to stay away from the beach areas where strong wind and train wreck surf would become excessively dangerous. She ignored the warnings and stood there, facing the Orient. A deafening roar announced the killer wave. It was too late for her to retreat. Foaming at the mouth, the tsunami swallowed her. Bianca felt a sense of final relief. She let go of her resistance. She offered herself to the dread. When she opened her eyes they were filled with wide expenses of blue sky. The wave was carrying her gently back to the beach. Bianca was born again.

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