Via Dolorosa #2

[4 photos]
If you think The Story Hall is only about stories, think twice!
It is, first, about people.
Yes, people telling stories.
Their story.
Their innards.
Their anguish.
Their joy.
Their sorrow.
Their awe.
Their anger.
Their frustrations.
Their indignation.
Their love. Their love. Their love. Their lost love.
Their being alone.
Their being with someone, alone
Their way of saying: please talk to me.
Take my hand, hold it, do not let go of it, squeeze it gently.
Exposing themselves, raw, vulnerable, honorable. Can you taste the blood, can you hear the pain, can you share the bread?
When the heart is shredded, is there any one to hear the shrieks? When the soul is lacerated, is there any hope for healing?
Is there?
You know there is.
Do tell.
Aren’t we among friends?
[all photos and montages by jean-claude]
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