~ Notorious & Two sides of the Coin ~

cactus @ anza borrego desert, calif — bjf ©

~(non-fiction) As an outlaw one of the best in the trade. Skilled as a gunslinger wild west made and greatly impressed the other bandits in the use of pistols, rifles & shotgun, whether single or double barreled, Winchester, Colt or Smith & Wesson it mattered not, handled all firearms precisely, came out on top while the others just dropped in any feud, firefight or skirmish. On the lam, travelled westward from Missouri through Texas steeped in utter lawlessness & infringed on other villains territories. I read this lawbreaker could play a mean game of Five-Card-Stud and was lucky both at poker and the draw of a gun. This criminal’s own family members lived in fear, but this robber could hold you up quicker than you could let out a sigh and then rapidly ride a horse with the attitude of an angry wildcat. She sure looked good in a skirt too that — Belle Starr ~ bjf ©

The Other Side of the Coin ~ There was a man in the old wild west, he wasn’t a vile bandit like me. He didn’t hang out in gambling dens, bordellos, saloons, or pool halls. He wasn’t a horse thief, swindler, or card shark, nor were his tales tall. He wasn’t a scabbard, ruffian, gun-toting bushwhacker, nor a cutthroat, brigand, desperado or unscrupulous carpetbagger. His friends were not bootleggers, sharpers, good-for-nothin rascals, nor muckrakers, fugitives, deadbeats, loafers and lowdown scoundrels. He wasn’t on the lam in dark bayous, remote prairies, bleak way-stations, deserted lumber camps or dilapidated railroad stops. He didn’t pass through jerkwater settlements or crude shanty towns and like a hobo onto freight trains hop. His eyes did not rove onto buxom girls, he did not frequent dance halls, outlaw hideouts or breweries nor did his revolver whirl. He wasn’t lawless, cruel, brutal, heartless nor full of misdeeds or crooked, a truculent rogue, no not any of these. He did no hard livin or hard ridin and on no barstool did he perch, but took up the cross at home and in church ~ The Preacher ~ bjf~ ©