Wonder by Hannah Miller

  • “The universe is wider than our views of it. “ Thoreau
  • We walked through the woods and admired everything that nature had to display. Little woodland flowers clinging to the edges of the path defiant of the rocky soil. Twisted tree roots running along to make sculptures. Magical mushrooms ,bright red, some small capped and inconspicuous promising sustenance and secret voyages. Funky fungi adorning their tree hosts to consume their old and dying lives. Mighty cedars fallen into nurseries to give new life.
  • We climbed on through cathedrals of great living trees that rose high into the sky, spreading their canopies of leaves into the blue sky. The air was filled with their expirations of oxygen while they took up our panting breaths of carbon dioxide.
  • Birdsong filled this sacred place with their harmonies. Woodpeckers,crows,Ravens,Eagles,nuthatches,chickadees ,sparrows,and goldfinches. Predators and songbirds keeping a lookout for each other.
  • We had only to sit and wonder at the wonderousness of it all. The treetops now below us danced to the light wind blowing. A cooper hawk flew above us as the sun turned it’s belly to gold. The white dog there to teach us how to be still.
  • My husband touched a rock and was inspired to build a pyramid to mark our passage there. Man and rock. Woman and plant. Dog and teacher.

( photo of me with Casey taken by my husband )

Originally published at cowbird.com.

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