~ Wonderful places, beautiful spaces — Montana ~

bjf ©


the land

of Big Sky

where the only sound

I hear is a lone eagle’s cry

I walk upon a long & dusty

road, wish I could, from

the eagle’s eyes, see

the earth



river appears

as a snake and the

shadows of clouds feel

the sun as she bakes, filled

with joy, I’d shout out loud, then

float when I catch a thermal lift,

no need to flap wings, that would

be my greatest gift. Wish I could

see the earth below, from the

lone eagle’s eyes, alas upon

a long & dusty road, walk I,

where I hear the eagle’s

cry, the eagle’s cry, in

the land of Big Sky,

the land of Big


bjf ©

Choya Canyon

bjf ©

With twisted sycamore, dark oaks and lush palms

choya canyon appeared, as if a hole from Alice’s realm

A tiny paradise of speckled sunlight, soft wet grass

and climbing vines

though rarely I observed wild animal life

still once, however, I spied a coyote

who limped in. I imagined he was struck by a car

in the world outside. Truly the cool recesses of

the canyon was a nice quiet place in which to hide

I drive through when I feel the need to enter a magical land, to provide me with a temporary

escape from routine, when I leave I am refreshed and ready to go home and start again. — bjf ©

~ Other than, Besides & What Else ~ (Home)

bjf © local grapes
bjf © our tawny hills now green with wildflowers due to tons of rain

If we journeyed our vale

what would we find, besides

citrus groves & purple

grapevines; and if we peered

down each row, what would we

see, besides hummingbirds &


bjf ©

If we climbed green hills

what would we hear

other than eagles crying

& leaping deer

bjf ©

and if we ran down long slopes

what would we inhale, besides

lemon scent & dust from dirt

trails. What would our feet feel

on nature’s pathways, besides

quartz rock, sandstone & soil

of red clay

bjf ©


and what else could we taste

when under the bowers, than

horseradish roots & nasturtium



Besides citrus groves & purple

grapevines, if we journeyed

our vale, what would we find ~

bjf ©




male western bluebird — bjf ©











Sitgreaves National Forest

bjf ©

In the mountains called “White”

days are pleasant and

starry are her nights

Sunrises & sunsets

are of apache orange & mauve

breezes are as soft as

wings of a dove

Pines of ponderosa are so tall

and green, beautiful as

the most wonderful dream

Where you peacefully wake

to find yourself alongside a

crystal mountain stream — bjf ©


Wonderful Places Beautiful Spaces

America’s National Parks & other poems

Volcanoes National Park — Hawaii — bjf ©

Big horn sheep climb in Montana’s park “Glacier” — Colorado’s “Mesa Verde” was the home of ancient cliff dwellers — El Capitan stands tall & firm in California’s “Yosemite” and Bison roam free in Kansas’s “Tallgrass Prairie

Dunes sparkle in New Mexico’s “White Sands” — Immigration took place in NY’s “Ellis Island” — Bats pollinate cacti in Arizona’s “Saguaro” — Bright flows the lava in Hawaii’s “Volcanoes

California’s “Channel Islands” has endangered foxes — Utah has red rocks that form “Arches” — Arizona has the “canyon” that is most “Grand” — Mormon pioneers went thru Utah’s “Canyonlands

Alaska’s “Katmai” is where you can see a grizzly — “Death Valley” in California, has the desert wolf (coyote) — I find her most gorgeous in snow, that’s Utah’s “Bryce Canyon” — Showy autumn trees are in Tennessee’s “Great Smokey Mountain

Redwood” in California has the world’s tallest trees — “Great Basin” in Nevada is awesome for astronomy — Alaska’s “Denali” is America’s “Mt. Everest” & in Arizona trees had turned to stone in the “Petrified Forest

Zion’s” Virgin river (in Utah) is lovely in summer — In “Joshua Tree” California you will see lots of road runners — You’ll find gators in the “Everglades” of Florida — There are cozy lighthouses in Maine’s “Acadia

Largest trees in the world are in California’s “Sequoia” — There’s a gorgeous valley in Virginia’s “Shenandoah” — You can see harbor seals in Alaska’s “Glacier Bay” — Minnesota’s “Voyageurs” has numerous waterways

Hike in temperate rainforest in Washington’s “Olympia” park — There’s so little light in Kentucky’s “Mammoth Cave” in fact, it’s quite dark — Pronghorn antelope graze in the “Grand Teton” of Wyoming — In “Rocky Mountain” of Colorado one can go downhill & cross-country skiing

Geysers, such as “Old Faithful in Yellowstone (Wyoming) put on a show — last but not least, “Organ Pipe Cactus Monument” (Arizona) is a great place to go. From the mountains to the deserts, prairies, canyons, bayous, valley’s and seas, there are sand, rocks, caves, water, animals & trees, trees & trees.

Peaceful places, that’s where I want to be — America’s National Parks are so spectacular to me! — bjf ©

~ Himalayas ~

lucky hawks don’t need sherpas when they climb skies — bjf ©



of mountains

that rise at the greatest

heights, peering down upon

clouds, where in breaks

between you see the

earth below, as if,

from the eyes

of God,



they leave

you in awe,

when climbing,

in your mind you

know, that those peaks

are the top hat of our planet’s tuxedo ~ bjf ©

~ Wonderful Places — Beautiful Spaces ~ Magnificent Morocco ~

bjf ©


~ Spectacular falls
is what Sefrou
is known for

on to the Atlas
mountains to
spring-fed valley

Traverse past
Berber settle-
ments of river
gorges so grand

to duneland
Merzouga at the
edge of Saharan
sands ~

bjf ©




Caernarfon Castle, Wales ~

caernarfon castle, Gwynedd, n.w. wales — bjf © snapshots from honeymoon trip

She’s not opulent like Versaille

nor as if out of a fairytale as Neuschwannstein

She does not have the Queen in residence as Buckingham

nor pretty like Windsor

Her cold stones are not romantic as Blarney

and she is not modern as California’s Hearst

No she is an immense fortress

that juts out like a Viking woman’s breasts

Sturdy, strong and built to an enormous grand scale

with an influence of Rome

she was the prize of Llyewln and dear to today’s Prince Charles

and was indeed the site of many battles,

has been around since the middle-ages,

but most of all, she is the pride of the

Welsh people ~ bjf ©

~ Venezuela Calls Me ~

I want to play maracas
in ciudad Caracas
or perhaps guitar
in Bolivar
I’d sit under palms
and eat cacao
if I had the dinero
I’d go there
Now! ~ bjf ©

~ Chile’ Pepper ~

Let’s take a trip
and I know where to go
To that beautiful city — 
Where the days are warm and
the nights are Chile’
where pretty girls 
where dresses that are frill-a
We’ll take a sail
from Valparaiso to Arrica
and eat yummy foods
sprinkled with
Let’s take a trip
and I know where to go
To that beautiful city — 
Santiago ~ bjf ©

~ Bolivia is our El Dorado ~

We’d love to run off
to (El Dorado) Bolivia
like the Sundance Kid
to Potosi or La Paz
as Butch Cassidy did
 We’d find rich oil fields
in Santa Cruz
Come on let’s go
we’ve got nothing
to lose

bjf ©

Wonderful Places & Beautiful Spaces ~ Chicago USA~

bjf ©

Zinging downtown to her hub the Loop

I mix into the thick people soup

Chicago, she’s swell, take the El

no Cadillac, that’s okay, I won’t tell

Hancock building elevator, ride to the top

classy gents & ladies, enter & exit, non-stop

Window shop, books & antiques

ant-people racing up & down her streets

Outside, don’t bother to wear a hat

the wind doesn’t blow it slams & knocks you flat

but Chicago is where it’s at! ~ bjf ©

~ Iceland’s Blue Lagoon (Bláa lónið) ~

bjf ©

Heat and ice paradise 
lagoon of blue 
a turquoise geothermal pool 
shoreline bottom is silica 
chalky white 
surface water is 
100 degrees fahrenheit 
Blue-green algae 
within a moonscape 
of black basalt 
She lies on a land 
of volcanoes and faults 
and is fed by seawater 
as deep as 6,000 feet 
the lagoon of blue 
a paradise of ice 
and heat — bjf ©

~ Earth’s Last Frontier (Alaska) ~ I’m under her spell for she is crystalline clean from her abundant rain, snow & ice, but she’s seductively dangerous there’s not a body part she won’t bruise, break or slice along those steep precarious bluffs on her spirits inhabited mountain-tops, mammoth glaciers & way down below base jumper’s valleys, where the thundering waters fall into pools non-stop, rapid roller derby white water rivers & in the Spring those surreal colorful meadows, I see in the distance a lone grizzly who appears in the fog, slowly he 
moves in those muddy muskeg bogs, the cry of a bald eagle, 
listen can you hear, yes, I’m, under her spell, earth’s last frontier — bjf ©

bjf ©


~Home of the Sun Haleakala ~ Maui

Hawaiian god Maui
played Calypso with you Sun 
in love with your bright face 
always wanting to keep you 
in the same place for a long long day to chase the evil darkness away. Dormant you lie, so high in the sky, your crater’s quite wide & steep, as around you, the thick fog creeps. Deep inside your magma moans, on your surface are large cinder cones. 
I take the Halemau’u trail with 
the sun so hot, I need a palm frond fan and then I take the trail that’s called “Sliding Sands.” Your setting sun is a surprise for the eyes and equally so is your glorious sunrise 
which I enjoy the most, when it’s just me (your guest) and you (my host). What is the most spectacular to see is the full moon, which seems to canopy your crater and it reassures me, that we 
have the most beautiful (God) creator! Hawaiian god Maui played Calypso with you Sun in love with your bright face always wanting to keep you 
in the same place for a long long day, to chase the evil darkness away 
Dormant you lie, so high in the sky your crater’s quite wide & steep as all around you, the thick fog creeps Deep inside your magma moans 
and all around are large cinder cones. ~ bonnie jean flach © w/hawaiian mythology

~ Venezia Bella ~

bjf ©

Masquerade shadows secretly play, secretly play between flickering sunlight’s dancing rays, dancing rays in water passes narrow under canopies of bridges archways, as above gondolier’s hat, through sky windows pigeons fly, pigeons fly while on a velvet cushioned seat, I heard her cry, heard her cry ~ Venezia Bella! ~ bjf ©


~ Mendocino ~

bjf ©

woodlands ancient

meadows lush

river runs

sunsets blush


bjf © ~ Calif



~ Bavarian Village ~

bjf ©

Gustenfelden she’s a dorf where farmers still roll up the hay

and meadows of bright sunflowers light up an overcast day.

Wildflowers grow along cornfield edges

and the fields are divided by carefully trimmed hedges.

Men still drink one liter (ein Maas) krugs of beer outdoors on tables that are very long

& women in their dirndl’s still break out in festive song.

Elaborate murals depicting Teutonic mythological scenes are painted on exterior walls.

In the mornings whole families still wake up whenever the cuckoo bird calls.

Traditions continue on through time it is the same for one & all

for flowers will always bloom in spring & in winter the snow must fall ~ bjf ©

dorf — german word for tiny village ~ krug — container (mug) holding the beer ~ The formal word for beer mug is steinzeugkrug ~ cuckcoo — in this sense the cuckcoo clock.

~A Greek Isle (Santorini) ~ S o n n e t

Stilt — bjf ©

Seas of aquamarine, yes, of blue-green
Deep dark onyx lava rows of black fields
Sunset bright red ruby firelit dusk scene
Twisting purple grapevines harvest time yields

Happy birdsong welcomes golden sunrise
White-washed sunny houses atop cliffsides
Peaceful night sky starlight lovers surprise
Ocean views can only in dense fog hide

Mornings are met with wet touch of light dew
Across her isle blows fair day’s gentle breeze
Pretty floral meadows pastel soft hues
Seeds and pollen for the birds and the bees

Come with me now to this lovely sweet isle
Where warm sun she dances and calm moon smiles

bonnie j. flach ©

p.s. Santorini

~ Bali Dream ~

~ Kauai — bjf © pretend it’s Bali ~

Beautiful are her forests of rain & mist

Verdant valleys of sparkling peridot green

Tropical tree canopies brightly sun-kissed

Fast flowing rivers & streams

Wake to the gentle light of her dawn

As upon giant ferns softly falls the dew

Morning’s alive with her sweet birdsong

Stumble upon hidden temples — Hindu

Volcanoes tower above glades so deep

Over moss-covered rocks falls water clean

Cascading all the way down cliff sides steep

Don’t wake me, I’m having another Bali dream ~ bjf © ~

~ Arabia ~

bjf ©

Do not think because she has few trees that she’s not beautiful, for she has an enormous sea of bright golden sand that glistens from sunrays 
upon the Bedouin byways. Dunes are her hills wind-blown over which falcons have flown 
Like an exquisite magical dream you’ll stumble upon oases streams. Arabia — Can you not hear her call? In love with her you will fall. ~ bjf © ~

~ Hiking the Appalachian Trail ~

finch — bjf ©

Daunting footpaths

punishing miles

vast wilderness

has me beguiled

Inviting woods

expansive hills

pleasant, serene,

moments so still. Beckoning trail, wandering souls, ridgelines where, the

morning fog rolls. Maples, hemlocks, dogwood and ash, spruce and firs,

where mountain deer dash. There’s ambling bears, vanishing paths,

onslaught of rain, lightning bolts wrath. Gone are the elms, chestnuts

too, the hardwood forests, now there are few. Ridgelines where the

morning fog rolls, beckoning trail, wandering souls. ~ bjf ©

~ Cambodia’s got Angkorwat ~

buddhist monk — bjf ©

Let me tell you what Cambodia has, let me tell you what she’s got, world famous temple complex — -A n g k o r w a t. Towers, lotus-shaped of the empire Khmer, but by the 19th century the city vanished completely disappeared and the temple complex has been taken over by jungles, monsoon-fed where climbing vines, strangler ficus and banyans have claimed it as their garden bed. Growing in and out of those sandstone ruins the vegetation swallows them down and in plant-life they drown, but you can still hear the sound of the Buddhist monks bells & chants and see the sun reflect off their bright saffron robes in an earth sky of green — little orange stars glow. ~ bonnie j. flach ©

~ Big Sur ~

~ shorebird — bjf © ~

falling waters
down to soft golden
sands. Rocky shorelines
of foggy mystical strands.
Redwoods so tall they blot
out the sky, heavenly coves where
seagulls cry, ancient cypress trees stretch
their arms out to sea, it is my hope, someday
you’ll come there with me ~ bonnie j. flach ©

Wild Amazon

ferns — bjf ©

Tropic cloud abducts

and confines Sky’s


Rainforest secrets hide

under onyx


Endless rain descends

on mahogany


Cascading river falls

into the


Poisoned dart arrows fly

where jaguars


Tropic cloud abducts

and confines Sky’s


bjf ©


~ Wonderful places, some with fun sounding names ~

bjf © Isaac Hale Beach Park, Hawaii — no parking now lava covered the road access

~ Place names that sound good, fun & or interesting to my ear that I like to hear

~ Atascadero — fun word for the tongue, yes, it can almost be sung!

~ Bora Bora — yep, I adore ya! ~

Chippewa — geez I’ll go there with or without wearing a bra!

~ Dardanelles — that famous strait that I think is great!

~ Exeter — she’s shaken and not stirred

~ Fujiyama — an extinct volcano (well maybe) was once a hot mama!

~ Gretna Green — a romantic spot where recently married sweethearts make the scene! ~

Hoboken & Hackensack — uniqueness they do not lack!

~ Istanbul — where you eat well and you’re always full!

~ Jakarta & Kealakekua — I love you too!

~ Luang Prabang — for little Laos a long name!

~ Liechtenstein — oh man she’s gotta be fine!

~ Mississippi — really trippy!

~ Nacogdoches — she’s not precocious!

~ Okochobee & Okefenokee — okie dokie!

~ Palau — wow — ka pow!

~ Quito — and her cousin mosquito!

~ Qatar — sounds like a beautiful guitar!

~ Rangoon — I want to go there soon!

~ Suwannee — sounds lovely to me.

~ Tuscaloosa & far off Timbuktu — will I see you there too?

~ Umbria — I’ll go there in rain, when I need an umbrella!

~ Versailles — elegant, yet still shy!

~ Wawatosa, Waukesha & Walla Walla — ou’ la la!

~ Xanthus — a secret Istanbul doesn’t want you to know, so I’ve got to go! ~

~ Yamato — where in zen gardens you can pick Japanese tomatoes or is that tomatos!

~ Zacatecas — come on Mexico, may your beautiful sunshf © ine bake us! — bjf ©

bjf ©