WRECK — Variations on the Flying Dutchman Theme

by Susan G Holland

Painting in progress April 2017 The Dutchman April 13 2017

For some reason I’ll understand sometime I guess, the Flying Dutchman keeps coming into my experimental paintings! This one is on its fourth go-around, not counting digital side-play, and keeps asking to be paid attention to. Appropos to the theme, the painting is not finished yet.

The cat has not yet put prints in the wet ink… not so far. I put ominous looking bottles and jars around it as it dries on the table hoping she will pick an alternate route around it until it dries out for today.
Flying_Dutchman,_the painting by Albert Pinkham Ryder

Here’s a famous artist’s rendition — just one painting on this theme of many many in our history books.

The legend says that the famous ship never comes in to port. Maybe it’s out there for the sole purpose of the story it keeps open for people to speculate on!

I certainly speculate!

Another of my experiments titled Dutchman
And another of my experiments titled Dutchman.

I can also speculate on whether it means that I identify with wrecks!

And I can also speculate on whether it means that I LIKE wrecks! I find them full of story! I find them full of possibilities, including a final future possibility.

But for now the ship is still riding out the journey it is on — whatever that journey is — and I am not worried about it. I like it.

Art and text by Susan Holland ©2017
Published April 13, 2017

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