You are a Success

Jeff Bailey © 2017

If I were to define success as a monetary sum, then many would consider themselves successes.

What are the many barometer for success? Does one matter more than another? One means of gaining a successful perspective involves a group of people being told by a handful of others that they too can be a success.

What grabs the seeker of enlightenment as they tread by? Is pain and suffering necessary elements of someone’s story to be understood and relatable too? Are pain and suffering more universally relatable experiences? Are joy and happiness less compelling?

I recall those times I consider sublime and those moments are difficult to articulate. Some of those experiences are best not related because they are heard and not believed. They are not believed because they have transcended a relatable experience.

Pain & suffering hardly ever inspire emotions of envy or jealousy, possibly competition, “Well, that’s terrible but listen to what I went through.” but never have I heard, ”Oh, they are so lucky, so smart, I really want to lose both my legs in an unfortunate accident.”

Are you a success if having suffered a great deal of pain, you can now talk about how it change your perspective, strengthening your resolve to move on? Yes, for sure it was a defining moment and you manage to live through it but is that truly the big deal it’s advertised as? Is the pain and suffering being sold, is it the journey of the listener to feel compassion or empathy, to cry, is that what they’re selling?

Are we all not experiencers right now — in this moment — exactly what we are meant to experience? Who can say, no? What suitable alternative do we have and if there were an alternative wouldn’t that be “the moment?” Is the trick simply a removal of common labels and perspective adjustment? If there is pain, get to know it. If there is fear, identify it. Is it necessary too have thousands of techniques claiming to have the answer to personal power — greater freedom — to help accomplish ones goals?

If all of these techniques are universally applicable then I submit there runs a common theme. Discovering the underlying message to the myriad of personal growth techniques would save a lot of money, money that may be your barometer to having a successful life.