Launching Grip in Denmark

Tinder-Style networking to bring every
professional, just a handshake away.

Today Networkr is relaunching as Grip with a new app exclusively for Denmark. Rather than showing you all other people in your vicinity, in Grip it is completely up to the user to join the communities that interest them.

At launch there are already 15 communities live, among them communities such as UI/UX, Team Sketch, Seed Investment CPH and Copenhagen Startups. As well as the the Copenhagen based co-working spaces, SOHO/NOHO and Rocket Labs.

This is a big difference compared to other professional networks such as Weave that only let you meet professionals in your vicinity and LinkedIn where your ability to discover new connections is vastly limited by your existing “connections” on the platform.

On Grip every professional is never more than a handshake away, regardless of your location, background, or if you are “in each others network”. The only thing that matters is that two professionals are interested in talking to each other.

“We believe that there should be a fun and more engaging way to discover new professional opportunities, where you are not limited by your existing network and/or location.” Says Tim Groot (Co-Founder & CEO of Grip).

“With Grip it becomes super easy to meet a potential investor, your next employer, or interesting like-minded people. Simply join the communities that interest you and swipe to get handshakes and start dialogues.”

Initially Grip will be focussing on Copenhagen because the city is buzzing with so many new people coming from all over the world. The company believes that they can help them to connect and discover new opportunities quickly.

Tim Groot has to say the following about the decision to launch for Denmark only at first: “Imagine a freelancer that is new in Copenhagen, he can simply join the community of a co-working space and quickly meet like-minded people to collaborate with. But also investors and journalists can join the Copenhagen Startups community for example and get handshakes with the founders of the awesome startups that are popping up in Copenhagen.”

Grip is a spin-off of Copenhagen & London based mobile app developer Nodes and has raised a Seed round from the company and angel investors Andreas Rasmussen (Managing Partner Nodes), Søren Pedersen (CEO ADtomic), and Jakob Langemark (CEO Hello Group).

The app is available today in Denmark for both iOS and Android.