“Starting A New Conversation Is Now As Simple As Tapping A Button”

Grip is Launching Introduction-Messages For iOS

Are you unsure what to say when you meet someone new at an event or on a professional networking app? Want to stop writing tedious application letters before you even know if someone actually wants to talk to you? Then we have the solution for you.

The New Handshake Screen In The Grip App

Today we are announcing introduction-messages, making that difficult first step towards a valuable new professional connection a lot easier.

Instead of having to type a message yourself, Grip suggests an introduction-message that you can send to a new handshake with just the tap of a button.

The messages range from a simple “hello, how are you doing”, to more customized ones that might be even better than what you would type yourself.

Tim Groot, Co-Founder & CEO of Grip said the following about the new feature:

The idea came from the Ex Machina Marketing Campaign in which they “hacked” Tinder. Men thought they were talking to a real girl but were talking to a computer bot instead that represented a character in the movie.
Although that is over the top, the idea of helping people start the conversation by suggesting a relevant first message is both subtle and effective.
We are constantly looking for new ways to make it easier to meet like-minded professionals and share your passion. With the introduction-message we help professionals take a first step in the right direction.”

At the moment, 50 introduction-messages have been defined from which one is picked when you have a new handshake in the app. The team aims to constantly iterate on the messages to provide the best ones for the user.

“The goal is to be able to suggest an excellent introduction-message for every handshake you have.” says Groot.

About: Grip is a social professional network that brings every professional just a handshake away. Making it easy and fun for you to connect with like-minded professionals.

Simply join the communities that interest you and anonymously swipe right for interested and left for later on other members of the community. If the other person also swipes “interested” on you, it’s a handshake! And you can start sharing your passion with potential collaborators and peers.

Currently, 35 communities are live on Grip from Rocket Labs, SOHO | NOHO, Kreativitet Og Kommunikation, CreativeMornings CPH, and many more. Grip is available in Denmark for iOS and Android.

Contact: Tim Groot

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