The Story of Cake
Carolyn Black

Working Class Fragments

Statement of the Work:

The green in the image represents fusty, the lichen like coating that stains objects and place through time, the word “fusty” also relates to smell and often it is stained the colour green. This could reflect a cultural discourse through objects related to working class roots with found material culture such as an old wage packet, old erotic image, comb and “Best” in the cigarette packet as both a metaphor for the working class aligned with multiple meaning. Similarly, the roof slate as a background with objects that permeated the working class, often classed as irrelevant subject matter.

The objects found (wage packet in my father’s house, erotic image in secondhand bookstore, comb in the street and cigarette packet in a charity shop) are inclusive to a tradition reclaiming and reasserting their position as objects in what are often classed as non-places yet play an important part in redefining generations of working class.

James Hughes

Working Class Fragments

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