To Insert a Title Image:

  • There are two ways to load an image:

1. Drag your photo to where your cursor is in the post.


2. Click the “+” tool and select the camera icon. Then select your image from the folder. You can read about images in this article. A title image needs to be at least 1020px wide.

  • When the image loads, choose the far right image option.
  • Type your title and subtitle (if desired) over the image.
  • To remove the image, click on it so there is a green border, then hit “delete” on your keyboard.
  • You can then begin writing your story underneath the image by placing your cursor below it.
  • This also applies to all inline full-bleed images at any point in your story.

To Adjust Title Placement:

  • You can place your title in the middle or bottom of the title image by putting your cursor in front of the first word and hitting “return” on your keyboard. To move it back to the top, put your cursor in front of the first word and hit “delete” on your keyboard.
  • To change the size and style of your title, highlight it and select from one of the formatting options.
  • To center your title, select it and click the centering icon.
  • This also applies to the text in all inline full-bleed images at any point in your story.

To Create a Title/Subtitle:

Your title will be shown on all Medium lists (Home feed, profile, search, and any publications your post is in) as well as when shared socially on Twitter, Facebook, etc. It will also be in the URL of your story.

If you don’t explicitly create a title and subtitle, we will create one for you based on the beginning of your post. If you would like a specific title different than the beginning of your post:

  • After finishing your story, click the “…” button and select “Title/subtitle.”
  • Select “Custom title.” You MUST have a title, but a subtitle is optional.
  • Click “Publish” to broadcast the title/subtitle across Medium.
  • If you have any problems with titles or your post URL, email us at