Fiction Writing Prompts — Week Nine

Prompts for February 26th to March 4th

Chelsea Marie
3 min readFeb 24, 2022


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It huddles outside her closed window, waiting for the night, pressing nearer as the world grows dark. Crawling through the window cracks, it settles close to the floor and then creeps closer…closer…closer.

The woman shivers and pulls another blanket onto the pile already covering her, as the icy air settles in for the night. The northern air holds a bite that no shut windows can hold back.

Yes, it is still so so cold in Canada. Thank goodness for small space heaters keeping my fingers warm enough to type up today’s prompts!

It is officially Week Nine of the 2022 Writing Prompt Journey, and we have three new fiction prompts all ready for you below!

The simple rules for this Journey:

1. Pick a prompt (or two or three!) every week or as often as you have time, and get writing.

2. Post on your own page or in any publication (including this one!), and share a link in your post back to the original Prompt post.

3. Share a link to your post in the comments of the weekly Prompt post.

4. Finally, tag your post with “Writing Prompt Journey”.



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