Howling Tangles

These days are free of stray curls

free on the breeze

in these hours, air freezes in constant heat

these minutes silence the clouds in motion

these seconds steal every smile

for the sky disappears

summoned by anchors from the depths

vanished hues of the sunset bay for redemption

the color wheel too has its wolves

in every heartbeat, we tie back idiosyncrasy

iron away the rumbling faultlines

we case ourselves in sunlight

and avert our eyes at the moon

glowing bluster blinds us too easily

to the graceful shade

in the moonlight, we pore through the spaces in the stars

the void finds us every time

a laugh echoes not ghosts

but gardens

nowhere do the monsoons fill the street

nowhere does the sirocco cross the sea

yet the droplets exhaust the concrete

the jet stream runs toward the sand

the wind appears only in our dreams

dreams spun in rose petals and bluebells

eyes held shut

to rearrange the fixed stars

this wind is held in fragile palms

taking us on wings to the dark

rest on the zenith

where knots can sing their tangled epics



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