Monsanto’s Roundup Banned in France but you’re not supposed to know.

On Monday the 23rd of June 2017, the new government of France affirmed and reinforced a ban on neonicotinids. The environment minister, Nicolas Hulot, won the support of the president, Emmanuel Macron, defeating a bid by the agriculture minister to place a list of exceptions on the ban.

So while Europe dithers and the US is in denial, France has taken dramatic action. Monsanto’s Roundup and others of its ilk are out. Media in France welcomed the news as a vote for bees. What is very strange is that no national media in the USA have carried the story. Not one.

At Monsanto, they must be buzzing. How could their lobbyists have let them down so badly? What is their next step? How do they prevent the next country from following France’s lead? Should they sue? Who? Where? Should they flood the continent with boatloads of free sample jugs to show they are more powerful than a country like France? You would think American journalists would be all this, asking pointed questions.

It is a measure of Monsanto’s influence that a wall of silence surrounds the USA. They have somehow managed to overcome a “free” press and avoid any mention of this news at all, which was the number one story in Europe on Monday. I even wrote to the New York Times giving them a “tip” to report on this because it was big and they could have an exclusive, but of course, I got no reply.

The real sickness here is not from Roundup, but from Monsanto and our reeking system.

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