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Growing Leaves Upon Nothing — Allowing Anything: Organisation

Organisation is the hub of our thoughts. It allows a structural framework for your projects to be developed and utilised to focus more on developing and less on forgetting.

While our limitless thoughts pile up, the harder it is for our brain to keep track of them all. We need a place to store our ideas and concentrate them to develop them further — evolution maybe?

If we grow leaves (ideas) on nothing, then:

  • How are we sure they link up correctly?
  • How can we remember all them?
  • How will we use them?
  • How will they work together?

And so on… Our ideas could blow away, they could get stepped on, crunched up, and more. How can we prevent this?

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A Stem

A stem, is like a backbone. A structural integrity which links up different things and supports them. That’s what we need for our leaves, our ideas. When there is a stem, with leaves attached, the wind can’t blow them away, they won’t get stepped on or crunched up.

Not only that, but also, we can elabourate on our leaves, refining them, cleaning them, getting rid of bugs — all leading to a better idea, an evolution.

Furthermore, we can involve different attributes such as feedback into this. If we have a team, we can discuss things about the plant in an easier fashion and sense. We can ask each other things like:

  • How does it look?
  • Can it survive harsh conditions?
  • How much will it grow?

Can you see the difference? We just turned our negative questions from a stemless plant into positive questions. Positivity is how we pursue further into development and it’s the only way we can start the ignition and soul of development.

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Application on Development

Applying this to development is in some ways, not even an application. Rather than applying, it should be a point in developing.

What’s the point of having a plant with no leaves? How will it grow?

The same analogy applies here: what’s the point of having a project with no organisation? How will it grow?

Organisation is theoretical, visual, physical and pretty much everything else. If you can think of it, you can visualise it, you can make it physical; vice versa.

So don’t ever say you don’t have the resources or creativity to be organised. Your mind is the most creative and free thing out there.

There are tons of ways to craft into organisation. Free modern technology is growing. There are applications to help us organise. Applications include: Trello, Coggle, and more.

And who can forget about the most powerful tool of organisation? Your mind. Furthermore, we’ve also got the good-old pen and paper.

In unison, we can use these all effectively together to efficiently organise our projects. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how many organisational tools you use, it matters how you use them, together.


To conclude, without having a binding between your ideas, your ideas will unnecessarily be unstable. Having a stem between your ideas, on the other hand, will allow your ideas to be linked seamlessly and help refine them…

An at the end, it’ll blossom into a beautiful outcome — a flower.
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