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Feb 20, 2018 · 4 min read

Stride is redefining the way teams move work forward together. Since we announced Stride in September, tens of thousands of teams have embedded it into their daily communication workflow. But every team communicates differently — each with its own quirks, needs, and tools that make them productive.

Today, new features in Atlassian Stride make it an even more powerful communications solution. You can now customize Stride to your exact liking by using new API capabilities that specialize in custom app and bot development.

When we announced Stride, we were thrilled by the enthusiasm of Atlassian’s developer community, and nearly a thousand developers requested early access. Over the last few months, we’ve been hard at work on a new API platform, making it easier for developers to take advantage of the most powerful and flexible API in team communication.

Personalize Stride with your own apps and bots

Stride already integrates with the apps that power the best teams, like Jira Software, Trello, Confluence, and GIPHY. Starting today, we’re introducing new ways developers can build and use custom apps in Stride to get actionable insights that make their teams more agile and open.

Now every team can build and deploy custom apps in Stride that take advantage of our API strengths.

  1. The one-and-only sidebar: Using Stride’s sidebar, apps are able to surface real-time information (like changes to a Trello board or new pull requests from Bitbucket) without pushing updates into a chat conversation. By moving, aggregating, and updating alerts in your right sidebar, apps deliver more signal with less of the noise you’d traditionally get in chat.
  2. Unheard of flexibility: Stride’s API puts unprecedented control in developers’ hands. Any developer can build custom content that Stride renders in iframes via a Javascript API. Your custom content can interact with almost any element in Stride’s user interface.
  3. GSD with Actions and Decisions: Actions and Decisions are Stride’s greatest differentiators in the team communication space. As a developer, your custom apps can leverage these inputs in any room or chat. Automate simple tasks to a teammate when an external service heats up or close the loop on roadmap prioritization debates that take place in other tools.
  4. Bots are users, too: Bots are native to the Stride platform and are easy to create. Bots can be installed into conversations with a “@mention.” You’ll be able to configure them to listen for specific events that trigger webhooks to your app, which can trigger additional workflows or even responses back into the conversation.

The Stride API has the power of Atlassian behind it — the first product built on the new Atlassian API platform. It uses Atlassian’s new app management console, making it easy to manage credentials and scopes from one place.

We’ve also built out a new documentation interface, including an integration with Postman, making it easier for you to both try and test the Stride API .

Need some inspiration?

One of the hallmarks of any great API is that it’s easy to build on. Atlassian encouraged our employees to build novel apps and bots on Stride’s new API over a 48-hour hackathon we call “ShipIt.”

Most Atlassian teams start their days with a stand-up. Nearsoft, one of our trusted partners, shipped a great Standup Bot for Stride. But even the most basic agile ceremony is ripe for innovation, and Atlassians easily built custom stand-up apps that showcase the power and flexibility of Stride’s API.

A simple, standout stand-up

Atlassian’s Developer Relations team got their hands on a rich stand-up report app that makes great use of Stride’s right sidebar.

The Stand-Up Reports app makes it easy for team members to share status updates, either with its “/standup” command or through the dialog input box.

Stand it up, and smile

Another team took the same stand-up ceremony and added a video component to keep the team on task and feel more connected.

The app uses an input action to open a dialog and WebRTC to capture video and finally posts the message conversation using the Stride JavaScript API.

More to love from Atlassian ShipIt

Looking for more ways to liven up team chat? Check out some of Atlassian’s most beloved custom apps from our last ShipIt. To add them, just head to your Apps tab in the right sidebar, click +, and choose to Add custom app. Then copy and paste any installation URL from below to connect it.

Nudge Bot: helps your team practice inclusive language. Installation URL:

Werewolf: is a narration-based party game that lends itself well to a social room. Installation URL:

Video Standups: Get your video standups on by pasting this descriptor URL into the app configuration module. Installation URL:

Transform your team communication

There are literally thousands of ways you can customize Stride for your team — monitoring, alerts, reporting, and analytics, to name a few.

If you haven’t already, the first step is to get Stride for your team. Next, check out the Stride API Getting Started Guide. There’s even a sample reference app (complete with source code) to get started with as well as a number of other capabilities beyond the REST API, like integrating with the Stride product UI.


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