There are 3 well known types of diabetes:

A. Type 1 Diabetes. This occurs as a result of destruction of the insulin producing cells in the pancreas by the immune system

B. Type 2 Diabetes. This majorly occurs as a result of either inadequate insulin production or insensitivity of the body to the one produced. This insensitivity is majorly caused by obesity or being overweight(not burning out consumed calories as should be)

C. Gestational Diabetes. This occurs in pregnancy and often resolves 6weeks postpartum(after delivery)

So where does sugar come in?
You are more likely to get type2 Diabetes mellitus if you take too much calories with little or no exercise. And this is because you’ll start gaining weight which leads to obesity which then leads to insulin resistance which ultimately over works the pancreas with resultant Diabetes Mellitus

2. Sugar Causes Hemorrhoids aka “JEDI-JEDI”
Hemorrhoids commonly called pile or “JEDI-JEDI ” in Yoruba.
What exactly are Hemorrhoids?
Simply put, hemorrhoids are enlarged veins of the rectum. 
They could be internal (you can’t feel them with your hands) or external…external which can be felt,Painful,itchy and could bleed.

Most common cause is straining during bowel movements. In other words Hemorrhoids may therefore result from
-Anal infections
-Sitting for long periods of time
-Others include Liver cirrhosis 
So you see sugar is not an established cause of “Jedi Jedi” (Hemorrhoid)

There’s a long list of various causes of erectile dysfunction.
Meanwhile erectile dysfunction is one of the complications of diabetes mellitus and this is as result of chronic hyperglycemia. (i.e elevated blood sugar over a long period of time)
So if you’ve got erectile dysfunction and you are not diabetic go and see your doctor it ain’t sugar causing it.