Turns out travel is the #1 mood booster for Americans

The travel craze seems to have come of out nowhere and now suddenly everyone wants to just quit their jobs and travel the world.

But that’s not really true, is it? Hasn’t travel buzz always been around- right from the days of Vasco da Gama and Christopher Columbus? With travel getting more affordable and feasible, and now that it’s much easier to announce to the world that you’re yet again on a ‘company-sponsored’ trip to Europe, we now have more and more people jumping on the ‘#LoveForTravel’ bandwagon.

Your friend’s Facebook check-ins might be annoying to you, but it looks like he’s definitely a happier person. The truth apparently is, and this is proven — not only does experiences like travel make you a happier person, a recent study by The Priceline Group shows that more than half of Americans claim travel improves their mood, even more than shopping or exercising. The findings were released in a new survey titles ‘Traveler’s Sweet Spot', and it shows that trips or vacations don’t even have to be weeks long to be satisfactory.

44% Americans are happy taking 3–4 trips this year while almost 10% would like to take more than 7 or 8 trips in 2016. The survey also found that men and women prefer romantic getaways the most with 38% and 34% placing it on top of their list of preferred vacation-type. This wasn’t very surprising to me personally. But what was surprising was that 33% Americans surveyed mentioned family trips as their mood booster followed by trips with friends (23%). And priceline.com says its customers reflect this sentiment with around 91% traveling to see friends or family. The same apparently is true for luxury travel as seen with the website suiteness.com. Suiteness reported that while they get a lot of bookings for romantic getaways, around 75% are group travelers, traveling with friends or family, and they tend to take longer vacations. “Most of our customers are people who travel with family and friends. Vacations are hard earned and your loved ones can live all over. It’s not about just sleeping in a hotel, it’s about enjoying those moments together. That’s why 2 or 3 bedroom suites are perfect. And you don’t have to worry about making the bed or sharing two queens in 400 sq ft with your children”, says Robbie Bhathal, CEO of Suiteness.

According to Brigit Zimmerman, SVP- Air and Vacation Packages for priceline.com, “44% of Americans frequently regret not being able to go on more trips, and the majority are not booking these trips due to travel costs.” But there are so many travel websites that provide services and information on how to get the best bang for your buck, including priceline.com. For eg: if your dates are flexible and you just want a really good mood booster, go to Google Flights and find the best flight rates to any destination. In fact, even better if you don’t have a fixed destination in mind!

So don’t let your vacation days go to waste again this year. We now have an answer to the pursuit of happiness. Travel more, travel better and be happier!