Angel Searching For His One and Only

Jack Sasner
May 7, 2019 · 1 min read

This pair features Yin Wong, a visual artist, and Scott Tatsuta, who is a musician and sound designer.

This was the second collaboration between Tatsuta and Wong, as the first did not go as planned. “She was trying to cast a fish head that had fake eyelashes and grapefruit in resin” said Tatsuta, who planned on creating a soundscape that would be played in a small speaker hidden at the base of the figure. Unfortunately, the sculpture rotted over night.

The pair first met when they were both students at The New School. This collaboration, in which Tatsuta acted as sound designer to Wong’s short film was international, as Tatsuta now resides outside of London, England.

Yin Wong

Wong studies Fine Arts at Parsons School of Design

Scott Tatsuta

Originally from Cupertino, CA, Tatsuta is a student at the University of Surrey in the United Kingdom.

The Sum Of Their Parts

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Jack Sasner

Written by

NYC — Bar Harbor, ME — The New School ’19

The Sum Of Their Parts

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