No One Will Always Be Eighteen, But Someone Will Always Be Eighteen

Our appearance get older easily, but our hearts can stay young

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Looking back, 2020 US Election: Trump was 73 years old, Biden was 77, Sanders was 78.

These presidential candidates are all over 70 years old but none of them admitted defeat easily.

Usually, one’s seventies is the age of enjoying retirement or taking care of grandchildren. But these three old people have called for the election all day and given speeches everywhere.

You might say, these politicians have just chased power. Even so, I am still infected by their enthusiasm and admire them acting as full of vitality as young people.

On Medium, there is also an active elder writer. At the age of 95, he keeps up with the times and uses computers and the Internet like young people. His name is James Frank Sanders.

I happened to get to know James because of my one-minute story that was published by The Daily Cuppa some time ago. In this story, I talked about a phone scam that I have experienced recently.

James left a message to remind me not only to be alert to strangers but also to pay attention to the fraudulent behavior of some bad netizens.

Curiously, I checked James’ account and found out that he has a legendary life. What amazed me was, that James updated his writing very frequently.

His stories include both a review of the past and a record of today’s life. There is sadness, but there is more wisdom about life.

Time is a killer for everyone, we can’t keep our appearance young, but the years have also given us rich life experiences.

Although you will be older, as long as you always maintain a gentle, kind, and loving heart, you will always be “18 years old”.

I admire James a lot. I hope that I will be able to write like him when I get aged.

Thank you for reading. Here I invite you to read James’ stories that have impressed me very much. Make sure to check out some of his other wonderful pieces!



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