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The Simple 7–6–5–4 New Year’s Resolution Exercise

That will help you set SMART goals for 2022.

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“Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any one thing. “

— Abraham Lincoln

Happy New Year my dears!

Today I wanted to share with you an easy and fun exercise called The 7–6–5–4 New Year’s Resolution exercise. Why is this different from the usual goal-setting exercise we usually do at the beginning of the year?

That’s because it allows you to enter a state of gratitude before writing your list. Why is that important? That’s because gratitude is one of the key requirements for manifesting your goals.

Gratitude is a high vibration state which allows the Universe to bring in your manifestations. It will help you create a solid foundation for more amazing things to come your way in 2022.

Of course, if there are any feelings lingering and harboring inside you such as sadness, frustration, or disappointment, that’s ok. Sit with those feelings for a while and see what they have to tell you. What is the root of those feelings and what steps can you take to better align yourself with your 2022 vision of yourself? Take a walk, meditate or do some journaling to get a better perspective. After doing so, you can focus on doing this exercise.

The 7–6–5–4 New Year’s Resolution exercise

The emotions we experience daily can range from 50 megahertz all the way up to 700 megahertz. Any time we pause to really focus on gratitude, our vibrational frequency actually increases to 540 megahertz. Being in a state of gratitude releases endorphins through our bodies, making us feel happier and more energetic.

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Make the beverage of your choice, find a quiet place where you can feel inspired and undisturbed, and start making your list.

Firstly, write down 7 things you are grateful for in the year 2021. If you haven’t had the best year, start thinking about what were the lessons you learned. What was 2021 all about for you? Perhaps you learned to be more self-reliant, more self-acceptant? Or you might have learned to set better boundaries?

Secondly, write down 6 things you achieved in 2021. These can be tangible things like a new job, new business, new home, a hobby, or they could be related to your own growth and self-development journey.

Thirdly, write about 5 people you felt grateful for in 2021. And also say why you feel gratitude for them. For instance: I am grateful to my father for being such a caring and empathic person. I am grateful for the stranger who smiled at me whilst I was having a bad day.

Lastly, write down 4 resolutions for the year 2022. Sit with yourself and reflect on what your soul actually desires. What is it that makes your soul saunter giddy with joy and excitement? Enter that flow state that allows you to be in tune with your soul's wishes and desires and you will be amazed what you come up with. You might even end up writing more than 4 resolutions.

Make sure you write down SMART goals.

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Be as specific as you can whilst maintaining a bold vision.

I truly hope this exercise will leave you feeling uplifted and revitalized as it did to me.

Let me know if that was the case and what other tools you use to set your New Year resolutions.

May you have a wonderous 2022 full of joy, prosperity, and abundance! You deserve it!

Thank you for reading! I appreciate you!

I would like to give a shoutout to a brilliant writer, B.R. Shenoy for one of her many amazing and inspiring articles, called Spreading Kindness Using Post-it Notes. In this article, she shares with us a wonderful idea to brighten up someone’s day during the holiday season or anytime your heart feels called to do so. You can find it here:




Daily motivation, like a daily shower.

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