The Mandatory Statement of Intent

Truth seekers, seek elsewhere. There’s a tendency many of you suffer from that I refuse to cater to, and that’s your demands for consistency. You think us mere humans to be something more than that, demand that, when we hold an opinion, we stick to it as if we were all grand writers of political tracts.

I tell you now I have no consistency, so do not come here expecting me to provide you with any definitive answers concerning the nature of the world, yourself, or society. My purpose is to merely ramble on without end, perhaps providing a glimpse of some wisdom that we can all apply to our everyday lives.

Here will be the home of thoughts that do not care for their practical details, intellectual proofs, or pithy coherence. Here our objective and pragmatic age will find its release in somewhat (in)valid arguments. Here our discontented knowledge will come of age in 1000 words or less.

If you find yourself looking at this world with a tint of disgust and a sprinkle of hope or you find yourself thinking that this world lacks a certain flair, this little refuge will, all things willing, provide you with the solace you need to bear the week by week happenings of life.