TSP :: S3 :: E12 :: Church with NCR


All the ways to start an episode and I start it like this.
Kind of got off to a rough start to season three, but I feel like I have gotten so much better since then.
I do my podcast during the fall and winter months to shine some light into your life during the darker part of the year.
And one of the things I hope you will do as you listen to my podcast is think. Sometimes I say some bizarre…




I want to shine some light into your life any way I can. That is why you can watch the SunShining Podcast on youtube, listen to it wherever you get podcasts. And read the podcast notes here! And don’t forget to think, because I love to help people think!

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Hi! My name is NCR, well that is not my real name. I love writing about tech and sharing bright thoughts!

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