Saudi Arabia Fears U.S. Court Backlash For 9/11

As the movement to declassify the secret 28 pages of the 9/11 commission report continues to gain traction after support from prior and current presidential candidates Ron and Rand Paul, and Donald Trump, Saudi Arabia may have just called themselves out for their own involvement in the attacks perpetrated in 2001 which killed more than 3,000 people.

Saudi Arabia has warned the US Government that if they are to be held responsible for any part of the 9/11 attacks by a U.S. court, they will sell nearly $750 billion dollars in U.S. assets. This is in response to a bill proposed to Congress which would allow them to do just that. Economist, however, claim they’re bluffing. Such a sell off, they argue, would cripple the Kingdom’s economy.

The Obama Administration has lobbied against the bill so aggressively, that it’s infuriating many victim’s families. Mindy Kleinberg, whose husband died in the attacks on the World Trade Center, said, “It’s stunning to think that our government would back the Saudis over its own citizens.”

One Wednesday President Obama will visit Saudi Arabia, and it is currently unclear whether King Salman will address the issue. Why should he, though? If Saudi Arabia had no hand in the attacks, which were “officially” pulled off by Al Qaeda, alone, then what do they have to fear?

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