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Growth Inpiration Day at SVT

The 24 of January our Growth Experiment team organized an inspiration day about Growth, which is a fairly new area at SVT.

The GX team is working in the no man’s land between content, marketing, analysis and development with experimentation and data as the primary tools. You can read more about the team here

First out is Jasmin Yaya talk giving an introduction to Growth (in swedish, thus an excellent opportunity to learn if you don’t speak swedish already).

En introduktion till growth — metod och mindset

Daniel Hansson talking about experience from one of the largest childrens sites in sweden, SVT Barn in

Experiment och analys på SVT Barn

Gereon Kåver is talking about why a non-profit public service company should work with growth in

Varför Growth på SVT?

Trying to find inspiration from smart people around the tech scene we were lucky to have Björn Idrén, Head of Business Intelligence & Analytics at Voi, share his experience from Voi and Soundtrack Your Brand. Among other things he emphasized the importance of a data science team working close to the business, setting off time for fast ad-hoc analysis and the importance of transparency in any organization.

Data and innovation — Björn Idrén

(All talks still in Swedish unfortunately but these talks are a good enough reason in itself to jump on the next Swedish course)

Having worked quite a lot at SVT with exploring how Qual and Quant meet and complement each other we were very happy to have Frida Morberg, Head of UX at Conversionista! talk about the soon to be happy marriage of CRO and UX. Among other things she pointed out the fallibility of Alibi and Shotgun testing versus real Growth experiments.

CRO = UX — Frida Morberg

Jasmin Yaya and Max Dyrhage from the Growth experiment team at SVT showing a vision of how SVT could be a data driven growth engine in the future and describing our current state and experiments and future needs of change.

Så skapar vi lojal publik på SVT — Jasmin Yaya och Max Dyrhage

One guest we were happy to have was Anna Loverus from Artificial Humanity talking about data driven storytelling, psychology and why words like net neutrality never is going to get people going.

Datadrivet berättande

Our own Don Michel Graben talked about the subtle art of A/B-testing, validated learning and how to avoid biases while interpreting the result.

Tips och fallgropar vid A/B-test

And last out this time is Karin Almers describing how Aftonbladet went from mass communication to close relationship with their users and how to combine editorial valuation with adapting to user behaviour.

Hur Aftonbladet skapar relationer med 3,2 miljoner användare

Thanks for this time, you’ll hear more from our Growth initiatives shortly. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any feedback or questions.



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