A Short Poem Of A Beautiful LOB

Summer Lotus
the sweet life
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Jun 14, 2024

Author on LOB in Komodo island

The glorious sun is setting on Komodo island again

All good things need not come to an end

The lessons learned from each other

Inspire us to excel in what one lacks

As each is endowed with different skills and talents

We will come back with more faith, fervour and fortitude

To create a better tomorrow

Friendships are forged by struggling through difficulties

Sharing useful knowledge

And smiling through tears

A companionship that is mutually respectful, meaningful and understanding

An association that can lasts a lifetime

A memory that one treasures forever

That is the friendship one seeks and has found in this trip



Summer Lotus
the sweet life

My Chinese name. Inspired by mundane events to write to become more self aware. Challenge seeker, lover of sports, dental surgeon, ardent Toastmaster.