sweet ’n’ sour tape #2: splurge

I think that’s a question we’ve made our peace with. I think we’ve been through a lot and all of it has gotten us to this point where we just need to do. Lately I’ve had trouble starting to make the waves that we’ve been talking about, college is such a huge change. But from what I’ve experienced so far, it’s just made me more certain I don’t fuck with it and I need to get out.


I’ve still been writing songs, which is going good. There’s a studio on campus, and my plug’s plug is apparently a producer and wants to do shit. He knows a lot of other producers and like rappers and the Pittsburgh scene in general which is cool. Pittsburgh is trash compared to Philly though, it’s too clean and the people are too nice. Oh, lots of albums I was looking forward to came out this past friday. Cozy Tapes 2 was a stand out for me, a lot of people said it was mediocre and that they didn’t fuck with it as much as the first one, but I thought it was good. The skits were funny and there were a lotta bangers, but the first one was definitely something special, that whole tape was fire. I still like Vol.2 though, I don’t know maybe I’m just that much of a stan at this point lol. My favorite track is a tie between What Happens and Bahamas, but the other cool ones (in no order) were Perry Aye, BYF, RAF, Feels So Good, Walk on Water (Carti KILLSSSS that hook), Coziest (a surprise stand out for me), Blowin’ Minds, and Frat Rules. What did you think?

Oh and you know I gotta ask what you thought of LIR2, too. I really like Early 20 Rager (my favorite, the rest are in no order though), X, 444+222, The Way Life Goes, Two®, Pretty Mami, Neon Guts, Malfunction, and UnFazed (that Weeknd feature thoughhh). I fucked with it pretty heavy, the first half is fine but the second half is where it heats up. People kept talking about whether it lived up to the hype or not; I think it did, but that’s just because it was exactly what I wanted. Like this shit was simple for me: I just wanted new Uzi, which I got, and it bangs so I’m good haha. Mo said he didn’t like it, neither did Fantano but that’s not surprising lol. So yeah lemme know what you thought, and what were your favorite songs were too.

Shoulder rock ‘till they drop

I’ve had a lot of great fashion ideas lately, following all my favorite people on Insta was a good move because inspiration has been great. Usually though I just get randomly inspired, like there were so many times while I was walking to some orientation event or there was some important talk and something would pop into my head out of nowhere. I always write them down though so I don’t forget, but writing and like describing them without sketches is weird so I’m going to start sketching them finally.

By the way, Yeezy Season 5 came out. It looks okay, a lot of it is just really marked up basics. I still really want that light camo hoodie from S4 and that white long sleeve shirt too. There’s a wool jacket in S5 that looks nice but it’s like $1500 and I’m poor so aye. I think this is just the first drop, I found the full lookbook and it actually looks fantastic, flip through it when you get a chance for real. The one on the left is my favorite, probably because it reminds me of Kaneda’s outfit in AKIRA. This one is cool too, I just really like the fit and the contrast with the boots. There’s a lot of other cool pants, wool jackets, tops, and these giant, fat as fuck bags that look cool, too. I kinda like that a lot of seems unisex, too. Like it’s not unisex per se, but you could wear some of the female stuff and no one would be able to tell all that much, you know? At least for the tops, I know if you do the pants then you’re kinda pushing it. I’ve been trying to make more clothes lately that can be worn by both guys and girls, because you know I think gender in fashion is kinda lame. I get things like dresses being reserved for girls (but shoutout Thugger cause he rocked it and if there’s any guys that wanna rock one go for it but that’s just not me lol) but other things like “female sweatshirts” and “female bombers” and even other typically female things like leggings I feel like could be worn by guys. Of course whether you can pull it off or not is a different matter, but you shouldn’t discount that shit entirely just cause it’s female. In fact, I’m gonna challenge you to buy some female article of clothing and come up with a fire outfit. I think you can do it, so let’s see it.

By the way, this other new album came out called Freudian by Daniel Caesar. It’s some really good R&B, I really like this guy. Check it out if you get a chance. Good vibes, good lyrics, good instrumentals. He was kinda underground before but it’s been getting a lot of love. I saw either Gigi or Kendall (I don’t remember who) put it on their Insta story, so I’m sure Daniel’s crazy hype right now about the exposure. ALSO THE MOTHERFUCKING GOAT FRANK OCEAN DROPPED A NEW SONG CALLED PROVIDER, LISTEN TO THAT SHIT.

But yeah, that’s me. How’s Temple? Make any friends? Also what face mask do you use?