The SwiftUI Series

A series of articles on SwiftUI application development

Michael Long
4 min readSep 15, 2020


SwiftUI was introduced at WWDC 19 and launched with iOS 13. Since its introduction SwiftUI has generated a ton of interest, a bit of controversy, and a lot of articles. Including my own.

I’ve written rather extensively on SwiftUI, on SwiftUI application architectures, and on issues and hidden gotchas that have developed from creating applications using SwiftUI.

This a handy reference guide to them all, and covers SwiftUI up to its latest version, SwiftUI 4.0, included in iOS 16.

Note that articles marked with an asterisk (*) are recommended reading.

I also consider Deep Inside Views, State and Performance in SwiftUI to be required reading if you’re serious about SwiftUI application development.

Introducing SwiftUI

SwiftUI is a new way of thinking about mobile application development, so here are a couple of articles introducing those concepts.

SwiftUI: Understanding Declarative Programming

Confused by declarative programming? Don’t worry, its not that hard to understand.

Best Practices in SwiftUI Composition *



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